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Active911 Rebrands Popular Alerting Software to ActiveAlert

Today, we announced the rebranding of our flagship alerting product to ActiveAlert. Formerly known as “Active911,” “Active911 App,” and “Active911 Alerting,” rebranding the product to ActiveAlert allows the name Active911 to remain synonymous with the parent company of our first responder software solutions and not the individual alerting and emergency response coordination app. ActiveAlert is a change in name only and clients will not see a change in the function and features of the software or app.

The timing of this name change coincides with our development of a brand-new product, ActiveTeam, a scheduling and personnel management software solution. With the roll-out of this new product throughout the summer of 2021, we want our current clients, prospects, and partners to see the name “Active911” as the company that brings many software solutions, not just our alerting product.

ActiveAlert is an emergency response coordination software that sends incident call data from an agency’s dispatch center to any device. The corresponding iOS, Android, and PC apps, allow first responders to select a response to the call, get turn-by-turn directions to the scene, track other member’s locations, and see relevant map data such as hydrants or Knox Boxes. ActiveAlert is an affordable option for agencies, at $14.00 per device annually for individual subscriptions and going as low as $11.75 per device annually for larger agencies.

We look forward to promoting our current products as well as new ones as they release. Aside from ActiveAlert, we also have:

  • ActiveTeam - officially available later this year

  • FamilySMS

  • WebView

To learn more about all these products, visit our products and pricing page.


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