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Feature Alert: Add Files / Photos from Your Phone

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Active911 App Upload Photos with Phone Blog - Image 1

New updates to Apple and Android apps bring new features for Active911 users.

We have recently released new features on our mobile app to help you save time. There are three new features we are excited to share with you, now available for Apple devices and coming soon for Android.

Upload Documents/Photos from your Phone

With this update, you can now attach items to map markers and pre-plans directly from your phone. File types that can be uploaded include scanned documents, images from your library, documents from file storage as well as the ability to take a photo with your camera. This will save you time when you are out in the field.

Active911 App Upload Photos with Phone Blog - Image 2

  To utilize this new feature in the app:

  • Find the Map Marker or Pre-Plan you would like to add your file to and click on it.

  • In the Marker View Mode click on “Add Resources”

  • You will get the following options

  • Scan Document

  • Take Photo with Camera

  • Add from Photos

  • Add from Files

  • Select the option that you need.

  • It may take a minute to upload your file depending on the files size.

Active911 App Upload Photos with Phone Blog - Image 3

If choosing to take a photo with your phone’s camera, on some devices your phone may ask for permission to access your camera. You need to give the Active911 app permission to access your camera in order to use this feature.

You can upload 100 resources to a marker or pre-plan.

Keep Alerts for “All Time”

A feature that was already available to Apple users is now on Androids.

You can keep your alerts for all time, allowing for better historical data management. Now you are in complete control of your alerts, choosing whether they are deleted or not.

Notes Show in Alert Notification

When you receive an alert notification, all the important details are right there, including those from the note section. You can react faster to situations, make decisions sooner, and get on the move before you even open the app.

Ready to decrease your response times and increase your effectiveness on the job? Try out a free 4-month trial of our alerting product and see how Active911 helps heroes save lives.

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