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Image by Matt Chesin

About Active911

Our Story

In 2011 our CEO was a Firefighter with a problem. He used to get SMS text messages from dispatch, but he was unable to give them a distinctive ringtone because they came from random phone numbers. MMS text messages did not have this problem but were not reliable. On one occasion, his MMS text message was so delayed that he arrived to find someone washing down the rig. He had missed the call due to faulty technology.


That is when he started a software project to process 911 alerts to his phone. He called it Active911. Using modern computing tech, we could make the alerting and response of emergency personnel “active” instead of passive – that is, we could track responders and take an active role in dispatch. We grew quickly from those early days, adding many new features and spreading around the world. 

Today Active911 is a respected leader in emergency communications and software, providing alerting, mapping, and scene resources for well over 300,000 first responders worldwide. Calling Western Oregon our home, we are proud to offer superior service to the many people that depend on us. Our core passion is taking care of our brother and sister responders. It is our drive to make sure that you get the tools you need to get the job done and save lives easily and without distraction.

Our Team

We are built around the core pillar of "We are the technical wizards that support real life action heroes." That has led us to having the most our team comprised of support technicians and developers. Our support team is comprised of helpful people ready to help solve your problems and get you answers, with our developers working to build new features and solve existing pain points.

Our Technical Expertise

We are the industry leaders in delivering quality, reliable information and mapping to first responders before the pagers start going off. We are experts at extracting useful information, such as the location, the call, box codes, and additional notes from any CAD and making it easily available to our first responders. Our team has the experience to work with any CAD format and the skill to rapidly fix any inconsistencies that arise from a CAD update or CAD switch. Our mapping defaults to google, but we are able to take the point data directly from your CAD and use that instead, resulting in accurate and reliable mapping you can trust. We know fast. When every moment counts, our first responders rely on us to give them accurate information as quickly as possible. We strive to put the information in your hands before the tones go off. We handle vast amounts of alerting and messaging and understand that speed is of the essence. In 2017, our system processed 75,000,000+ messages to our users with each message staying in our system for less than half a second.

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