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Active911 Acquires Emergency Response Company FFRS

Active911, Inc. is acquiring FFRS, LLC. FFRS is an emergency response software company that offers a mobile solution for alerting, response coordination, and messaging. With features similar to Active911, it was an easy decision to make when FFRS was looking for new ownership. With a growing industry and further demands on technology from the public safety sector, FFRS did not have the resources to grow their software to meet the needs of their audience.

Active911 is excited to offer our services and features to all FFRS clients. They will find the same great features as well as many more with our platform. FFRS services a wide variety of clientele from all over the world, especially Australia and New Zealand. We are looking forward to growing our community of users in that part of the world with this acquisition.

“We are extremely proud to be working with FFRS clients and to help build on the foundation that FFRS has started. Active911 already works with over 2000 firefighters in Australia and New Zealand, and we service 1 out of every 3 fire agencies in the United States. Our goal is to provide great service and support to the heroes that are out saving lives every day.” said Jackson Gillett, the Sales Director at Active911.

The FFRSred apps will still work throughout 2021 while agencies transition to the Active911 platforms. Our support team will be working hard to ensure that the transition is smooth for everyone.



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