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Get Alerts to your Device

Know sooner, respond faster, save more lives. Response coordination can be that simple with the right tools. The ActiveAlert app with accompanying online console allows you to get alerts to you phone from any CAD, see who is responding, manage your availability and more.

Just $12.75-$15 a year per device!

*Multi-product discounts available

Reliable Alerting

  • Alerts delivered via Android or iOS app, PC app, SMS text message, voice or email - so you're covered on any device

  • See all incident data from dispatch in one read screen

  • Create your own alerts through the online console or the app, no need for dispatch

  •  Send specialized alerts to one individual, a specific group, or your whole team

  • Store alerts for as long as you want

  • Create alerts on scene with a long-hold on the map, great for incidents in remote locations or open spaces

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CAD Connection

  • Easily set-up alerts with your CAD center with email protocols

  • Connects with all CADs

  • Once connected alerts will automatically deliver to your device

  • With our cloud-based online console, it's easy to manage your agency's account from any computer

  • Customize your agency settings

  • View data for all alerts for all time

  • Create assignments based on your team

  • Build page groups for your agency, such as EMS or K-9 units

  • Review and edit all map data

  • Manage users and devices

  • And much more!

Easy Administration

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Packed With Other Powerful Features



Get turn-by-turn directions to each call.

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Map Markers

Keep track of important data on your map, such as hydrants and knox boxes. You can also share map data with other agencies for mutual aid.



Upload documents and photos to any map marker and keep your pre-plans easily accessible for incidents.


Live Tracking

See vehicle and personnel locations of the map with live tracking through GPS and see how close someone is to arriving on scene.


Aircraft Mode

See distance to alerts by straight lines when you switch to aircraft mode. This is great for life flight, air rescue, or air tankers.


Response Buttons

Let your team know what's happening with response buttons, customizable to your agency. Responses are logged and you can download the data after the action reports.



You can download all alert data into an excel sheet for further processing OR you can look at alert data through our new analytics tool, currently in beta.



There are a large suite of ringtones available to choose from to assign to your alerts. You can also choose different ringtones for the different groups you are assigned to. 


Custom Groups

Divide your team or crew into different teams through page groups, then you can filter alerts based on these groups so teams like EMS or SWAT only get the calls they need.


Duty Status

Set your duty status so that you only get alerts when you are on duty. It will also let your team know if you are available to respond or not.



Send messages to the entire team, or your individual groups.



Beyond connections with CADs, ActiveAlert also integrates with a variety of other services. Check out all our integrations here.

Support whenever you need it.

At Active911, we are committed to serving you. We offer 24/7 support for all out
clients at no additional cost. Our support can be reached via phone or email, whichever is most convenient for you.

24/7 Human Support
Direct: (541) 223-7992
Toll Free: 1-800-941-8633


With ActiveAlert, there are no hidden fees, no set-up fees, and no unexpected charges. The pricing listed below is our standard rates. Price is per device, per year in USD. For department subscriptions, any additional subscription purchases after the original are prorated to expire at the same time as the original.

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Discover more about ActiveAlert on our blog!

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