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10 Main Features of Active911’s ActiveAlert Software

In addition to alerting, the Active911 app can be used for mapping, routing, chat, response, and even creating records. We will look at 10 of some of these great features that you can use in this app to help with your emergency response coordination.

#1: Mapping Options

One of the most used Active911 features is mapping. You can use Google, Apple or other external apps to route yourself to a call. When you click the address in the alert, you will automatically be routed to the location. If you do not want to be auto routed, you can turn that setting off. You can also use an external app, like turn-by-turn directions from Google, Apple, Waze, or another traffic app.

#2: Map Markers & Data

You can keep data stored on the map specific to your agency. When viewing the map, you will see icons for any data entries such as hydrants, AEDs, landing zones, Knox boxes, and other assets. Photos, PDFs, and pre-plans may be attached to these data points. A triangle next to the marker indicates that there is a pre-plan or other resources attached.

You can also easily adjust the density of the map markers. If you live in a rural area, you can use a zoomed-out view to see the map markers in a larger area. If you are in an urban area, you can zoom in to see the data in just the blocks around you. You can also choose to view maps as street, satellite, or hybrid.

If you only need specific map data, you can also choose to turn off different map layers, such as locations which are your map data or devices which are people and apparatuses. Individual map data points, like hydrants, can be turned off and on at any time.

#3: Responses

Active911 has five response buttons that can be customized by your agency. When you choose a status, your response is logged for other agency members to see. You can see the current status of everyone who has responded to the call. You can also see the response history for the call and email the call log to your yourself for reporting needs.

Agency members are also able to see your location depending on your location settings. Foreground GPS means your location is only broadcast when the app is open. Background GPS will broadcast your location, even when the app is backgrounded.

#4: Ringtones

Active911 has 20 ringtones plus silent mode. The Android app will let you use additional ringtones as well as choose vibration patterns. iOS will limit you to Active911 ringtones only.

The override silent feature will cause Active911 to alert when on duty, even if your phone is set to silent on both iOS and Android phones. The continuous re-page feature will cause your phone to continue alerting until you unlock the phone and open the alert.

#5: Duty Status

You can have multiple agency accounts within the app and switch between them at any time. You can set your duty status within your agency selection. You can pick “On Duty,” “Off Duty,” “Off Duty Available,” and “Automatic.” Automatic means your admin has put in your shift schedule from the online console and your duty will change automatically with your shift. Off Duty Available means, even when you are off duty, you will still get alerted for calls that are within 5 miles of your location. You will not get alerts if your status is set to Off Duty. Admins are also able to set-up filters based on page groups or call type to keep your alerts relevant.

#6: Agency Settings

Each agency will have individual settings for duty status, ringtone, groups, assignments, and chat notifications. You can choose a different ringtone for different agencies.

#7: Groups

Groups are your page groups. These may be different units or shifts within an agency. Groups can be locked or unlocked. An admin will need to place you in a group if the group is locked. Some agencies page by group only, so if you are not in any groups and you are not receiving alerts, ask your admin if you need to be added to one.

#8: Chat

Chat is a great place to have non-urgent conversations with your agency and page groups. You can choose to be notified about chat messages only when the app is open, when the app is closed or open, or not receive any notifications.

#9: Alert Storage

Your Active911 app is preset to save alerts indefinitely on iOS and up to 1 month on Android.

You have several options on both for how long you want to store alert information on your phone and locally. Alerts can be deleted automatically at intervals you choose or manually for individual alerts. All historical alert data is accessible to admins in the online console.

#10: Themes

You can also customize the look of the app. There are three themes to choose from on iOS and four on Android. Battalion Blue, which is the default, and our favorite, Light, Dark, and Dark Red on Android only. Note that the auto dim option only functions for the light theme. You can also control the length of time until screen time-out.

These features are just some of the great things that the Active911 alerting app can do for you and your agency. If you would like to learn more about what this product can do for your team, let us know here.

If you are a client and need help with your account, please reach out to our tech support at 541-223-7992 or at Our support is a little different, they real people who work in the same office as our developers. They also answer calls 75% off the time within the first ring cycle, so you know you will always get to talk to a real person. Emails are generally answered within 48 hours. Please note, our social media channels are not monitored regularly for support issues. Calling or emailing us is the best way to get your support needs answered.

You can also learn more about these features in this settings tutorial video on our YouTube page.



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