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Active911’s Innovation in 2021

One of our core values here at Active911 is innovation. We strive to continuously improve our services and bring new features and products to our heroes. We asked our head of engineering, Luke Dotson, some questions about how his team is helping bring that value to life.

Since you started with Active911, what innovations have you been most excited about?

I see our innovation taking shape in two exciting areas.

First, we have innovated the way we run our teams and build things. We have better defined roles like product owners, designers, and quality assurance analysts. The product owners make sure that the features we are building will be the most impactful to our users. Designers are focused on building interfaces and workflows that are more intuitive for our users. Quality assurance analysts help us put our best foot forward by assuring the product is ready for deployment.

The second area is our staffing product. This is something that I have been able to watch grow from an idea to what it is now in beta. I love that Active911 is always listening to our heroes and the issues that they face every day in doing their job… And I like how our company solves these issues from first principles. It is a very innovative company and the solutions we have been working on to solve our heroes staffing/scheduling needs is truly unlike anything I have seen on the market.

What improvements and changes are planned as Active911 continues to serve first responders all over the world?

Two important areas that I have been focused on since I started at Active a year and a half ago, are stability and delivering impactful features into the hands of our heroes.

We have improved the stability of our services a lot but are not sitting back and taking it easy. Focusing on the stability and reliability of our services has been and always will be a priority for us. 2021 will be no different. We have huge initiatives this year to add more redundancy to our core products. We will also create more tools that allow us to have more introspection so that we can solve problems before they impact the heroes who do so much.

I am not sure what I can talk about here, but I am excited for some of the new features we are working on this year and cannot wait to see what our heroes think about them when they become available. I do know the staffing product is something the entire company is excited about and we will be seeing a lot of new features being added to that this year.

What are some of the specific positions you have hired for?

Active911 is an ambitious company and we have been hiring extremely talented people to help us achieve our goals. In the last couple months, we have brought on three Quality Assurance Analysts and two new Developers to help us create even more products and features.

What additional features for existing products, as well as new products and services, are coming in 2021 and beyond?

There are a lot of innovative things being looked at on the roadmap as it pertains to mapping, features that give commanders a better overview of what is going on, and even improving the options that first responders have to communicate with each other. Feedback matters and as we look to the future. We listen to the first responders and the heroes on the front lines for input about how we can better serve their needs. In the end everything we do is focused on helping heroes save lives.



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